Hello to you my Friends, I can’t believe it was couple months since I wrote, only the reason I was silence was trying to accept the different changes our lives are going through..Our God is the same yesterday today and for always- But when we make changes its a long process for me to accept and enjoy that this is what God wants best for us as a Family..

School~ A big change to our family- yes I am doing the HomeSchooling! can you believe that ? I always thought people were very strange Homeschooling – their poor children- More less because I was taught it was kind of ish wrong ;( ..And I would NEVER do that – OOps when you say NEVER you end up doing it!..the reason for Homeschooling- Tuition was our Biggest plus Hoping to taking our Family to my Birth Country this winter we knew full well we cant pay school and go on a trip..Tuition is Pricey and I am Happy for those who can afford it , but since Anthony’s truck rolled our Bills are more -we had asked twice for help in the church we had attended But….We have concluded its something Anthony n I will have to work together in and we will come out on top of this all..

Church- Yes our Family  is where we are trying to figure out where we belong!..Church was always an Issue for me I never have much good to say about church growing up it was a struggle there was always issues -and my Dad was a Bishop- people were never behaving it was a mess – I got a wrong view of it all and didn’t want to be part of it ever- but then I gave it a try and it would go good until my sleeves weren’t long enough someone saw me wearing sandals instead of shoes and socks the list went on and on..I would of never dreamed that a year ago we would be in the same shoes again but because of a Different reason A reason that is neither tight or wrong on how you believe on the subject of  REBAPTIZED – It sadden us so much and it hurt us much to that we could not just agree to disagree but no it was this way or no way..we also have learned to have to be different can be good to Jesus was different He hung out with the lowest of lowest He wasn’t thought of much He dwelled with them who accepted Him – Our Biggest struggle is ‘ where Do I belong?.. maybe one day I can answer that question

Family-  The Best part, even though we drive each other Crazy at times and we wonder why God up in Heaven put us in This Family , In the last year our Family has went through much pain more then you realize- Because when we are around you we put our happy faces on just like you do!! But Losing a Mom and a Grandma was really tough on us and still is we have our way of dealing with pain which can make us moody grumpy and don’t touch me! a phrase our girls use lots ..Also in March My Sweet Husband took me to my Birth Counrty and we found MY Birth mom – We would love to share our story on that if you ever want to hear it- and with finding my Family it has lots of ups and downs then you can imagine but you cant because this is my life my story we are all made different how we deal with things..

May you all have a Blessed day ~ May you feel God’s Love surround you whatever you are facing today ~ May you know God cares and loves you very much




2 thoughts on “-Changes-

  1. I love this. Why did I not know of your blogs sooner??? You have some great thoughts there and you know it’s ok to stand out and have your story,because God has a plan for you! Love you…. Lois💐


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