Words can build you up-Words can break you down-Start a fire in your heart or put it out-Let my words be life -Let my words be truth … Every word I speak about someone or to someone brings life or death, Our words are so powerful that they are times we don’t realize what we just did with words that’s were spoken negative towards a person , we like to use the excuse we are sharing a CONCERN about someone-which is GOSSIP which is a SIN but many people like to categorize SIN murder immorality stealing and we make people stand up front and repent of them sins but when there is GOSSIP or SLANDER we justify ever word we say BOTH are SIN…

Many times also we ASSUME things and we like to convince other people that other people are wrong! And that gives us grounds to JUDGE and share a CONCERN and we start SLANDERING the person without proof!

Couple weeks ago this played out..The children were happily playing baseball one of the players was blowing their nose unknown to the person a ball was coming their way and missed it which made the players on that team all mad because a ball was missed and very unkind words were spoken to the person -unknown to the team mates the person was blowing their nose they didn’t take the time and ask the person why/what happened that you missed the ball-instead they kept saying negative words to the person how they were a failure which of course the brain grasp and hit all the brain cells convincing the person they are weird they are stupid they don’t know how to play ball and yes they are no good – it ruined the game, the day, had that person in tears that they choose to go home      ~WORDS~

My hearts goes out to be who have been wounded because words that hurt bring pain.Words of love and encouragement bring LIFE and HAPPINESS..We all Thrive for acceptance why is it so hard to give it to other people why don’t we want other people to exceed beyond us?

Couple weeks ago a person who I attended church with at one time told me to my face that I am lost its because of your background its so sad you could have amounted to someone..them words were like a sharp knife to my heart something I had to work through words that I had to renounce and not allow in my heart because it was not truth! it made other words start coming to my mind that I heard I am surprised you amounted to anything I figured you wouldn’t – You need help and I will gladly pitch money in for you to go-you are bad-you are a disgrace-and many other words I wont mention, My Husband also was told Negative words Negative words were said into our Marriage and our children and oh the pain them words had over us but oh the joy we have once we renounced all them agreements that them words had over us..My cry is to each of you is think before you say something negative about a person- what if every word we said would come to pass !!

So when you meet someone speak words of life into them start the ripple of LOVE It only takes one spark to get a fire going and many people can find warmth in the fire . One smile can change a person’s day a message of encouragement can encourage that person to encourage another person -it takes one second for trust to be broken and many years for you to regain it back!


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