He got the whole world in His hand

Hello to you all.. Isnt it wonderful know Jesus Father got the whole world in His hand ? He got me and you the tiny little babies Everybody in His hand! wow its so Awsume!!!…

Lots of things have been Happening in our lives , not all good and not all bad either sometimes though its easier to pick out the negative then the positive , not kool. you know though with them bumps in our paths they are teaching us to cling closer and deeper unto our Heavenly Father, so many times when things are going good its easier for me to think I have it all under control and How must God feel Rejected? Do I like being rejected ? do I like when People ignore me? just like the flowers need the rain and sunshine So I need my Abba Father..

My Family was together here in Feb going through my mom’s things , oh how precious some items were and to part with them seemed so unfair..We shared tears of joy and tears of pain of parting closing another chapter -I don’t want to close it- it seems soo unfair why did God have to chose my parents why both of them!..it was bittersweet somehow the bitter over ruled the sweet ..sometimes it just feels like pain rules everything and through the jumble of it all God is in the midst of it and will carry us through!!

Yesterday-sunday- was such a BEAUTIFUL day!! My love in life was Bubbling over the sun the fresh air -New Beginnings- even the birds were extra happy , Even mamma was to and that made everyone else oh so HAPPY  😉  its so amazing what a Mom can do isn’t it?! we went bike riding and went to feed the fish but they were still sleeping ,but Lakoda had fun watchin his cherrios float down to the creek then drop them on one side of the bridge and run over to the other side and see them floating by ..in the evening we had friends come over and had a good time catching up in each others life and encouraged each other to keep God always number one in our lives no matter what!

And now its packing time coming up..I cant believe the time is approaching for us to head for Honduras still don’t seem real its like its hasn’t hit me yet that its actually happening! but once my feet hit solid ground after two Airplane rides I will be Excited! nope I not a fan of them Big planes  ;( I keep praying that the fear of Flying will leave me!!..and to totally trust God through this…The unknow is a little scary what does God has in store for us to open that door will be a whole new awakening now already I feel like God is getting us ready for something to be used for Him… Pray also for our children one already is in tears she don’t wanna go to her sitter and that’s when its tough the little boy is assuming he is going right along to ‘Me to fly ‘ he says breaks this mamma’s heart I keep telling him next time buddy you will go with..oh my I have tears as I write this they are a part of me and I feel that they should be taking this all in with me but it takes lotts of money to fly everyone I pray and hope that we can do that some day here soon take our whole family!……….The Best part of this is a friend offered to take us and pick us up from the Airport its all crazy how that worked out having this conversation with Anthony like what shud we do park there ? do this or that? n I was sweepin the floor n praying to God it would be so nice if somehow you could help us in less then an Hr someone text I wanna take you to the airport just way to good to be true 😉

Well May you all have a Blessed week ,My Jesus/Father/God  be with you always , Let Him be number ONE in your life!!  ..love to you all


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