‘No matter the BUMPS no matter the BRUISES no matter the SCARS, still the TRUTH stands the Cross has made you FLAWLESS, no matter the HURT or how deep the Wound is no matter the PAIN still the TRUTH is The Cross has made you FLAWLESS’……This song I probably listen to every day ,and then to watch my 3year old singing it pretty well from word to word makes me smile ,cause He knows no matter what he does His mom dad,and sisters still love Him! and that’s how Abba Father looks at me!..No matter what I have done no matter where I have been He still Loves me and No matter what people say about me I am still LOVED by Jesus :)..

Looking over the last year 2015 there were many many Bumps many Hurts many Pain But like the Picture word I walked through last week was so real n gave me Peace, My Hubby and I are going through a Marriage counseling session~ Nope we aren’t perfect and Live Happily Ever After we still struggle and since we haven’t  been taught things we should of had when we got Married,But we give God Honor and Glory for Loving us and Helping us, We wanna keep Learning n Growing, but with it came lots of Bruises, Scars, Bumps and Pain~ and through the process bringing my pain to Jesus telling Him about all the hurts ,He looked at me and with tears in His eyes He showed me His Feet and Hands I totally saw where the nail went through it was bleeding and I could see all the way through and then it started healing over and there was the SCAR, It will always be there He said ‘The hurt the pain the scar but look its all HEALED’!…

And yes God can Heal Marriages and make what was intended to be not workable turn it around and make it Beautiful!, but only when you are Broken and willing to give God all the Broken pieces and let Him work in your Life.

So my Prayer for you is that you know that there is Hope you are not Hopeless no matter what you have done or what people may say about you! ~Don’t let the fear of man rule you and weigh you down! ~..Abba Father suffered more then we can ever imagine! and His last words were before He died ‘Father Forgive them for they know not what they do’..He choose to give Everything to God….Blessings and love


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