Peace with God

Hello Hello from my Little corner of this world!!..yes I have been silent for a while, Why? Because of the things Life had/has to offer and sorting through it all.. My Life feels like a Big jumbo puzzles floating around and yes I wish I could ignore them all but If only they be smaller then I cud tuck them away out of sight..But no I was reminded you have to deal with the pain work through it cry about it to Start the Healing process..And I still kept asking WHY and then one morning for Devotions ~ can you Believe it! God started speaking to me ..’saying I am the Prince of Peace , You need My Peace each Moment to Accomplish My Purposes in your life!!!- Psalms 25:4 NKJV- Ask for direction, When we are willing to seek God, learn from His Word and obey His commandments, then we will receive His guidance- Instead of asking WHY!!…

This is so what I needed because a week later I met with a long-a-ago Friend who offered Out of this world exciting NEWS to our Family- God’s perfect timing!!.. And it all has to do with My Adoption !!!!!!!!!! : )

Our Family is doing well..Girls are enjoying school but looking forward to Christmas vacation , so am I :)…Anthony is Busy working at the Furniture store and Enjoying it , plus keeping  his Family in order is a chore !!!..He attends Encourge Men every Tuesday morning if he can and is involved in The Young Men from Church Bible study which is all amazing and sometimes hard to believe at times -He has another whole story of His life before knowing who Jesus was in his life- sometimes I feel like I am married to a stranger in a good way 🙂 …Koda and I keep the house standing while everyone else is away during the day..We attend MOPS every other week and so BLESSED with the new friends we made and then every Wensday if we can we go to our Local Library for storytime and also spend time  with the Community Ladies  that we made friends with I really enjoy that…

My house smells so Lovely 6 loaves of fresh baked bread ..Chocolate chip cookies and Chocolate oatmeal cookies cooling!!  and for Dinner we are having Taco salad and then off to a Friends house for the eve.

HIGHLIGHTS for this week…Christmas shopping with My Mom’s 3 sisters ..A friend coming and spending the day with mw…Bible study Friends at Timeless Cafe’….. Anthony taking his 3 daughters Shopping :)…Girls Christmas Program..And spending time togather as a FAMILY.



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