~ tears~

‘And God shall wipe away all tears’.. A day I am looking forward to a day where all is Peaceful and Happy and to be reunited with Love ones..

Its a year ago this week that we found out that our Dear Mom has cancer..I can still remember that whole day..Full of sadness ..Something inside of me said ‘she will not die she can’t die, I need her We need her!!..’…I lost my ‘Birth’ Mom there is no way I can give my ‘Adopted’ MOM up God please NO!…and I still am struggling with having to let her go it don’t seem fair……I have an Awsume friend who sent me a phone Hug Yesterday not knowing that it was my parents Anniversary and  that I was having a Really rough day….I Thank~God for Special Friends like that …

Grief can make us seem very selfish focused only on the people we lost ignoring our loved ones around us not aware of the hurt and loss. We stare blank at people when they speak, life totally feels dark and bleak.it isn’t that we don’t care it isn’t that we don’t want to take part. We just need time to adjust and learn How to live with a Broken Heart.


I know some of you were looking forward to me sharing more on My Adoption ..I will but not right now…. Sharing the other week on My Adoption Story with My MOPS group went great and it was another step to Healing .. ..But with it came Negative and I am still sorting through that… and also Positive and with That I am Thrilled about !!!!

Our Family is Hoping & Praying that 2016 We can travel To My BIRTH Country  Honduras  ~ We know that God will Provide for us ~  tickets aren’t cheap with a Family of 6 ..But we are EXCITED and it will be a DREAM come true to Finally See where I was born to walk the streets to see the little children that are of my Blood and last but not Least will I found any of My Family?

Each of you have a Blessed day ~





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