Happy Moments

Hello, Hello to each of you my Friends..My day went swell ,kind of on the lazy side. Beautiful weather lovely blue skies between the rain , the leaves oh so ever gently falling making a carpet of wonderful colors, Thank-you to the Maker who created them.

      This afternoon we took the time to do the girl’s picture and of course the ‘little man’ of the house , which was very frustrating to me twas no way he was going to pose or look or even crack a smile ;( thanx to his little buddy in crime he saved the day, yup a little boy n his puppy -Best of friends-

Course the girls did wonderful ,some cheesey smiles ,to cheesey I must say. then the next ones captured my heart my girls are becoming fine young ladies~ Thanking God for each of them!

And best of all is when Husband / Dad walks in the door and He did an awsume fine job working this week in supporting his family ~God has Blessed us ~ Wifey and children

And yes many of you are patiently waiting to hear My Adoption story ,since some of you heard I shared with a group of 35 ladies or more… Part one will be coming this month, just bare with me…


 Beautiful Park day with friends and community ladies -made new friends..                                                                                

Celebrating our son’s 3rd Birthday ~ party to follow next week~

Spending an evening with a friend as Husband is in Bible Study

Spending an evening out on a Double Date with Awsume Kool friends

Spending an evening with a group of friends in Spiritual Fellowship

And spending time with ‘Our little Family’ chust chillin’……………………………………….Adios !!


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